Hydrow increases monthly All-Access Membership Cost From $38 to $44 for new members and increases price of Hydrow Wave By $200

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Update – Following our post, Hydrow has put out a blog post officially announcing the membership price increase.

More companies are starting off 2023 with price increases. Following the news that Tonal is increasing the price of the Tonal device by $500, Hydrow is implementing a price increase of their own – both on the device and the monthly membership.

The first change is that Hydrow has increased the cost of their monthly All-Acces Membership for new members by $6 a month. Note that Hydrow is currently saying the change will only be for new members signing up now. Any current Hydrow owners, at this time, should remain at their current pricing and should not be impacted by this. Hydrow hasn’t indicated how long current members will keep their old pricing, but if & when that changes, we’ll be sure to share the news.

Hydrow’s All-Access membership price was previously set at $38 a month. Over the last few days, that price has quietly been increased to $44 a month on the website. Hydrow does offer the chance to pre-pay for a year-worth of membership – however, this doesn’t offer any discount over paying month by month. The price of the yearly membership was raised by the corresponding amount – from $456 to $528. Again – Hydrow is saying this price change will currently only impact any new members signing up.

New Hydrow monthly pricing showing the new $44/month pricing.
New Hydrow monthly pricing showing the new $44/month pricing.

Hydrow’s Digital Basic membership price remains unchanged, staying at the current $19.99/month. This is the membership level for those who don’t have a rower, or have a rower from a different company and plan to play the classes through a phone or tablet.

In addition to the monthly price increase, Hydrow is also increasing the price on their lower-priced Hydrow Wave by $200. At the start of 2023, the Hydrow wave was priced at $1,695 – meaning that with the new $200 price increase the Hydrow Wave will cost $1,895

This is the second price increase since the Hydrow Wave was introduced in July 2022 for the price of $1,495. At the beginning of October 2022, Hydrow increased the cost of the Wave by $200, bringing it to the previous price of $1,695.

Old Hydrow pricing showing the $38/month pricing

Combined, Hydrow has now raised the price of the Hydrow Wave by $400 over the past 6 months since it’s introduction – from the first price of $1,495 to today’s price of $1,895.

The original Hydrow device has not changed in price, and is still $2,495

Hydrow has not shared the reasoning for these price changes. However, the Hydrow Wave was announced and released before the Peloton Rower (The Peloton Row) price was announced to be $3,195 – so it’s not clear if the hardware price changes are due to the Peloton Row being priced higher than they thought it might be, or how many other factors might be coming into play.

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