Tonal increasing monthly cost from $49 to $59.95 (and charging taxes) in 2023

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Tonal announced today that they will be increasing the monthly subscription cost for all members. Previously costing $49, the new cost for Tonal’s monthly subscription will be $59.95 (plus tax).

For those who have been members for more than a year, the price increase will go into effect their next billing cycle. For anyone who has been a Tonal member for less than a year, it will go into effect the first month after you’ve been a member for a year.

Another change going into place is that for some members (whether they’ve been part of Tonal for more than a year or not) there will be sales tax applied to the monthly cost, as required by local laws. The exact % will be based on what your billing zipcode is set up to be. This will result in another few dollar increase for members.

Tonal has created a new FAQ going over all of these changes.

In case you missed it, Tonal also announced earlier this month that they will be increasing the price on the Tonal device itself – which will increase from $3,495 to $3,995 starting on January 31st. They had also raised the price of the device by another $500 in June 2022, and a few months later, announced they were closing their west coast production studio and many coaches were no longer with the company.

Tonal sent out an email to members today notifying them of the monthly price change, and providing some context & justification for the changes. They make the case that they have added a lot of new features, classes, and analytics since the company started in 2018 – and based on that the new price is justified.

They also provide a chart that breaks down what content & features were available in 2018, vs now. You can see it below.

Tonal chart about the differences between 2018 and now.
Tonal chart about the differences between 2018 and now.

Tonal isn’t the only company that is making pricing changes. Earlier this week, Hydrow announced that their monthly subscription cost will increase from $38 to $44 – although their change is currently only for new members. Last year, Peloton raised their monthly subscription cost from $39 to $44 (for all members, both new and old), and are rumored to be changing the pricing and adding pricing tiers to their digital app subscription pricing later this year.

You can read the full email that Tonal sent to members letting them know about the price change.

Dear Member,

As a valued member of the Tonal community, we want to thank you for your membership and ensure you’re aware of two upcoming changes that will impact your monthly membership fee.

Taking effect in your billing cycle after February 21, 2023, you’ll see your monthly membership price will be updated from $49 to $59.95 (plus applicable sales tax). If you activated within the last 12 months, you will see this change take effect in the first billing cycle after your twelfth month of membership.

Since launching Tonal in 2018, we have regularly added new features and benefits to your Tonal membership and remain committed to bringing you industry-leading features and content. For example, our new Smart View feature uses machine learning to improve our intelligent form feedback technology and allows you to see yourself lift on Tonal in real-time so you can optimize your form and lift smarter. Post workout as part of the Smart View experience, you’ll receive a personalized recap video with suggestions on how to improve your form. With 180 multi-week programs and formats, Tonal has delivered – and will continue to deliver – programs that are designed to help you see results and stay committed. With an ever-expanding library of moves, set variations and weight modes, we create fresh programs that keep up with the science. The chart below recaps how Tonal’s membership offering has expanded over the past four years.

As a reminder, your membership includes many great benefits:
* Unlimited accounts for your entire family
* Personalized weight suggestions for 245 movements
* Dynamic weight modes to help you lift with confidence
* Personalized workout recommendations, routine planning to help you stay on track with your workout schedule, and reporting to help you stay committed while you watch your strength grow
* Thousands of live and on-demand workouts, with new programs and workouts added regularly
* A variety of workout types including strength training, high intensity cardio, yoga, mobility, quick fit and more

In addition, starting February 21, 2023, your local sales tax will be applied to your next monthly membership bill. Taxes are calculated according to your membership billing address and the applicable rate at the time you provide your billing zip code, which occurs when you set up your membership and when you update your credit card information. To learn more about local tax fees please visit your state website.

For more information about these changes you can read our FAQs, and we’d encourage you to sign into your account on your trainer to ensure your billing zip code is accurate.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed training with us so far, and we’re excited to bring you even more exciting workouts and features in the future.

Tonal Team

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