Otari Mat Launches – Smart Workout Mat for Strength & Cardio

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Otari has launched their smart workout mat, which combines cameras and artificial intelligence to guide, personalize, and track your workouts. The system consists of a workout mat, a display screen (which does not appear to be touch enabled), a camera attached to an adjustable arm, and speakers.

Otari states that their system, and the built in artificial intelligence, will handle several tasks for you

  • Monitor and make suggestions on form during workouts
  • Live tracking of joint positions
  • Count reps for you
  • Monitor pace of your workout

Much like a Peloton, they plan to have both live daily classes, as well as a library of on-demand classes to take at any point. They state that their classes will include strength, cardio, bootcamp, and Yoga.

To start and control the workouts, you will install the companion Otari app on your smart phone – which will then control what is shown on the screen.

Otari has not stated how much the monthly subscription cost will be – at this point the only information they are providing is that “Joining early via the Indiegogo Campaign is the best way to lock in a free and/or discounted subscription before OTARI launches publicly!”

It is available for pre-order now on Indiegogo until June 28th.

Image Source: Otari Mats Facebook

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