Peloton announces Together We Go Far Weekend

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This weekend, thousands of Peloton members were scheduled to head to New York City to celebrate the fifth annual Peloton Homecoming event. Even though the event was canceled due to the pandemic, Peloton has found a new way to bring members together.

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Peloton has created a new “Together We Go Far Weekend” for the community. Instead of gathering at the new Peloton studio to take classes, members can run, bike, and flow together from home. Throughout the weekend, Peloton has set up a special schedule of encore classes, with a few “Live From Home” classes as well, for the bike and tread, as well as yoga classes, with a special theme for each day.

Friday’s theme will be “Music & Motivation.” Members will be able to relive their favorite Artist Series classes as well as other classes with inspired playlists.

Saturday is “Together We Go Far Day,” where members are asked to meet up on the leaderboard to help each other reach their goals–whether that’s a new PR or your next Milestone ride.

The weekend will close out on Sunday with “Encore Day.” Members can relive some of their favorite classes, culminating in a rebroadcast of 2019’s All for One Ride. There will also be a live chat with Peloton CEO John Foley and instructor Jenn Sherman. To join the chat, visit Peloton’s Together We Go Far Weekend homepage.

Peloton has also teased that new features will be released this weekend.  Our most likely guess is the Virtual Ride Lobby, which will help friends plan workouts together by sync up and starting classes at the same time. Another likely candidate to be released is a new feature integrating tribes & groups into the Leaderboard, so you can find who from your different tribes is on a ride with you.

Finally, if you’re looking for some new gear, you can also hit up Peloton’s online store for a warehouse sale with deals on Peloton apparel and accessories.

Which classes are you looking forward to this weekend?

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