Peloton confirms 3 new instructors coming soon

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As a publicly traded company, Peloton will now hold quarterly earnings calls & reports. The first took place today, November 5th. Buried in the earnings report was a news update related to their plans to hire new instructors.

In September we welcomed two new U.S.-based cycling instructors, Kendall Toole and Tunde Oyeneyin. We are also excited to welcome three new international instructors to the roster in Q2 to support our growing Membership base in the U.K. and our German launch.

Previous reports have stated that their German production team will be based out of the London offices. Given this, we might expect all 3 instructors to end up being based in London – on the call today, Peloton further confirmed today on the earnings call that 2 of the instructors would be German, and that would leave the one other new instructors to focus on UK content along with Ben & Leanne. We would also expect that with the new instructors goal being to “support our growing Membership base in the U.K. and our German launch” that their class times would help fill in the gaps in the live programming schedule based around UK time zones.

On the earnings call today, they said that the head of programming would be ready to make the announcement “soon”, and the way the statement was made, the three new instructors are already hired and in training.

We’ll be sure to provide an update once we have official confirmation on who the new instructors are!

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