Peloton resumes production of live classes beginning May 26th

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Great news for everyone currently stuck at home who is ready for new content and classes with your favorite instructors. Peloton announced today that they would resume production of live classes from both their London and New York studios beginning May 26th. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer to attend a live class. For now, classes will be recorded with no audience as both studios will remain closed to the public.

Since Peloton shut down their studios on April 6th, members have been able to take advantage of the thousands of on-demand classes to stay sane and healthy while under stay-at-home orders. Two weeks later, some instructors began teaching classes from their own houses and apartments through Peloton’s Live from Home series. Other instructors like Matt Wilpers have used their social media presence to plan group workouts for their followers.

Starting Tuesday, Peloton will bring instructors and limited production teams back to the studios to bring you live classes. In order to keep everyone safe, classes will be recorded with limited staffing and enhanced cleaning procedures will be followed between classes. Additionally, anyone who enters the studio will also undergo a wellness check. Peloton will also continue to broadcast some “Live From Home” classes as well even after production resumes from the studio for at least a few weeks.

For more about how Peloton plans to keep instructors safe while bringing all of us new classes, visit Peloton’s website. 

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