Hydrow celebrates Pride month with Pride Challenge

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Last week, Hydrow released a post stating that although they wouldn’t be able to have a large in-person celebration like they did last year, Hydrow still had plans to support and celebrate Pride Month. In the original post, they stated their commitment and support of pride:

When we set out to build Hydrow, our goal was to build the most beautiful human experience possible. This didn’t just mean building a rowing machine — it meant building and cultivating the community behind it. What we love most about that community is the support that our members show for one another every single day. Our shared strength comes from the fact that we celebrate the very differences that make each of us unique and special — whether that’s our gender, our orientation, our heritage or otherwise. The community and team we’ve built here together is one that celebrates our individuality day in and day out. And whether you’re a member of the LGBTQIA+ community or a fierce ally, we see you, we salute you — and we’re so glad you’re here.

We may not have Rainbow Row, or the parades, rallies and celebrations that typically mark the kickoff of Pride, but we’re still celebrating. We’re celebrating this wonderful Hydrow culture and community that shows respect, appreciation and understanding to everyone who joins us on the water.

Today, Hydrow announced their Pride Challenge. 8 special Pride-themed workouts have been recorded and released, with each representing a color of the pride flag: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. Hydrow is challenging their members to complete all 8 workouts over the course of the month. The workouts are:

  • Row Red with Mike
  • Row Orange with Nick
  • Row Yellow with Aquil
  • Row Green with Sera Moon
  • Row Blue with Michelle
  • Row Purple with Dani
  • Row Brown with Mike
  • Row Black with Nick

You can find these workouts by navigating to the Programs section on your Hydrow tablet and finding the Pride Challenge.

Image Source: https://hydrow.com/blog/pride-challenge/

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