Tonal Marketing – A Pivot during COVID-19

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Tonal’s manager of growth marketing, Sichia Bell, spoke at the virtual Search & Performance Insider Summit conference this past week.

As recapped by MediaPost, during the talk, he highlighted the explosion of growth Tonal has seen over the last several months as users move from going to the gym to working from home, and how Tonal has found those customers through advertising.

Tonal launched in 2015, but the company didn’t gain a substantial following until this past year. Bell said the company went from being a startup with aggressive growth goals to dealing with a pandemic and inventory shortages as consumers tried to find exercise equipment to fill their lost time at the gym.

As COVID-19 grew, the company worked to update their targeting and marketing messaging, which included updating over 300 ads in 2 days.

Tonal has since been experimenting with different search phrases, and started reaching out to their customers for YouTube videos and testimonials, which they then use to advertise to future customers.

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