New Tonal Feature: Custom Workout Creator Tool

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Tonal has rolled out one of the most frequently requested features from the Tonal community – the ability to build your own custom workouts for Tonal.

Within the workout builder tool, you will have your choice of every workout and move that exists on Tonal. You can mix and match any exercise to make your sets and blocks that will then show up on the Tonal trainer. Even better, the workout that you create will still benefit from the Tonal Coach A.I., and give you weight recommendations, progress tracking, and advanced weight modes within the structure of the workout you built for yourself. Real time stats and video demos for all of the moves will be available as well as you progress throughout your workout, just like any of existing Tonal built workouts you are used to. The Tonal app will continue to track custom workouts alongside normal Tonal workouts, keeping track of your weight, number of reps, and strength score over time.

Within the iOS app and Android app, you will find a new Custom Workout icon. Clicking this starts the custom workout builder tool. Once you have built, named, and saved your workout in the Tonal app, it will be available for you in the Tonal trainer. On the Tonal trainer, you’ll now find a new row for Custom Workouts – clicking into that row will show you all the workouts you have made.

For full instructions on how to build your own custom workout through the Tonal iOS or Tonal Android app, you can find them on the bottom of Tonal blog post here.

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