Tonal updates algorithms for Strength Score

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Tonal has released a new version of their app which updates the Tonal strength score to use a new scale and algorithm for calculations.

The Tonal Strength Score is on a range from 0 to 1000, and represents what your strength is on your best day, with the score being able to both track your fitness as well as your strength vs the communities. It analyzes your data from the past several weeks to gauge what your current fitness level is – one bad workout should not tank your score. The strength score is able to provide you a score for overall fitness, as well as each body region (upper body, lower body, and core). The average score for all men using Tonal is between 300-550 and average score for all women using Tonal is between 150-275.

What can you do to make your strength score change? Tonal says the following:

  • The score goes up if you lift a higher weight or more reps than your previous PR
  • The score goes down if your previous PR for a move was over 6 months ago
  • It decreases if you do a new move at a weight lower than the suggested weight
  • It may increase or decrease if you reset your starting weights

Along with the new scale and algorithm, the app update now allows you to see your Strength Score over time.

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