New Tonal Programs: 4 Week Program with Coach Pablo & 4 Week Program with Coach Natalie

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Tonal has launched 2 new strength training programs, which are available now on your Tonal.

The first is as 4 Week Program with Coach Natalie

Need a quick routine for your busy schedule? This five-day program features short, single-block workouts designed for full-body fitness. Coach Natalie throws in the added challenge of Eccentric mode as she helps you get in, get out, and get fit.

Also released is the 4 Week Program with Coach Pablo

How does Coach Pablo build muscle? Learn his tried-and-true techniques using the bar and other efficient movements to help you reach your goals. Strength looks different on everyone. Discover the methods that work best for you.

Finally, Tonal has some new featured individual workouts they are promoting

11 Minutes with Coach Jackson

Join Coach Jackson for this upper body workout, perfect for those who are short on time or looking for a great primer or finisher. Pump up your shoulders, biceps, and back in an instant.

40 minutes with Coach Frances

Energize the body and mind to get ready for the day. This full-body flow with Coach Frances will get your blood flowing quickly and increase your focus.

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