Onyx – Smart Trainer Phone App

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Onyx is a new phone based app (currently only available for iPhone/iOS), that claims to be the “world’s smartest personal trainer”

Using your phone’s camera, it attempts to:

  • Counts your reps for nearly any exercise
  • Corrects your form in real-time
  • Measures your progress
  • Lets you compete with your friends

As you work out, form tips are given as audio cues. If you choose to view it, you can see a real-time leaderboard/scorecard to track how you are doing. The app also has workout programs available, which you can follow to give yourself some structure to your training. Workout programs range from full-body strength circuits to at home cardio.

The Onyx app is available for free, and comes with a one week free trial. After the trial expires, the cost through in-app purchase is either a $15/month, or $99/year.

You can view a video demo of the Onyx app below:

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