Power Zone Timing Tool & Power Zone Library for Peloton

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A popular set of training classes on Peloton is known as “Power Zone Training”. After users take what is known as a FTP test, they are able to follow cues from the coaches to accomplish specific training goals each workout, built on their fitness. This works by coaches cueing the workout on a scale from 1-7.

To assist users with this training, we are introducing a new free tool: The Power Zone Timing Tool. This companion “app” (it runs in your web browser) can run on your phone while you are taking the workout. It will display how much time is left in each interval, which zone you are currently supposed to be in, and what zone you have coming up next. In addition, before taking the workout, you are able to view and browse the workout structure.

To help people find different power zone workouts they wish to take, there is also a power zone library. This is a list of the power zone workouts available on Peloton, with some filters to allow people to easily find workouts that match their goals for the day: whether it is training in a specific zone, specific length, with a certain coach, or various other filters. Once you find the workout in the library, you can then start timing zone tool.

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