Hydrow details safety precautions to continue filming during COVID-19

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Hydrow plans to continue offering filming & offering live rowing classes through the current COVID-19 pandemic, but has detailed precautions they are taking to keep their coaching and production teams safe. These steps include:

  • Limiting filming teams to 4 people (3 crew + 1 athlete), and crew maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from each other while on the boat filming
  • All crew wearing masks. The only exception is for the coach while rowing, and only after they are a safe distance from the filming boat
  • Cleaning and sanitizing both the filming boat, filming equipment, and rowing boat for the athlete
  • Avoiding public transportation to get to and from filming locations

You can find slightly more details about these steps at the on Hydrow’s post.

Finally, as part of their normal schedule, the Hydrow team plans to transition back from Miami to Boston with the return of spring weather. Rather than flying everyone back in one day, they will stagger the return and bring people home in two groups. Each group that returns to Boston will self-quarantine for 14 days.

Image Source: Hydrow

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