Tonal adds Yoga & new instructor Frances Flores

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Tonal announced today the addition of Tonal Yoga to their library of available classes, led by a new instructor to the Tonal team – Coach Frances Flores.

Tonal Yoga is described as “a new style of guided yoga workouts designed to help you build your strength and enhance recovery in the convenience of your home.” Tonal states that it isn’t explicitly designed for a complete novice, but the coach will try and offer lots of guidance and advice so that beginners can still give the classes a try.

There are two varieties of Yoga currently offered by Tonal: Power Yoga, and Recovery Yoga. According to the announcement, “Power Yoga is a challenging workout, requiring flexibility, power, and strength. It involves moving dynamically through a series of poses with muscular force. Recovery Yoga is slower with more floor stretching, and is designed to be used after a Tonal workout or on a rest day.”

With the addition of Yoga, Tonal has also added a new coach to the team to lead the Yoga sessions. Frances Flores started her career as dancer, before becoming a certified personal trainer and a yoga instructor. To learn more about Coach Frances, you can try some of the classes or check out her Instagram @shapedbyfrances.

The Yoga classes can be found in the New Workouts row on the Tonal trainer.

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