Tonal creates discount for medical professionals

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In an effort to recognize the role that medical professionals are playing right now, Tonal has created a $200 discount that is available for medical professionals – “the nurses, doctors, EMTs and everyone else putting the collective needs of our community first. ”

The discount program is powered by VerifyPass – so in order to get the discount, you will have to go to the Tonal landing page and pick the type of discount you qualify for. You’ll then be taken to the appropriate page on VerifyPass, where you’ll create, or sign into an account. After completing the steps, you’ll be sent a one time use unique discount code that will get you $200 coupon on Tonal with Smart Accessories.

The full list of people eligible for a discount on Tonal now includes:

  • Nurses / Doctors
  • Law Enforcement (Police, Deputies, Federal LEO)
  • Firefighters (County, City, Wilderness)
  • EMT / EMS
  • Public Service / Government
  • Military
  • Anyone retired from the above services

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