Hydrow introduces indoor in-studio rowing workouts

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Today, Hydrow has announced the addition of in-studio rowing workouts to the list of available classes in the workout library. There are not many studio rows available to take at the time of publishing, but is expected that Hydrow will add more over time.

One of the main selling points of the Hydrow is that its instructors are actually out on the water, so you have more of a “real world” feeling. Some of the user base has still been asking for in-studio workouts to occur. While being on the water is more visually appealing and keeps the workout slightly more interesting, users are unable to compare their form to the instructors. The motion of rowing with real oars is simply different than the handle of a rower. On these in-studio workouts, users can now make a direct comparison.

Will Hydrow move away from the on-river workouts? Most likely not. But this can allow them to expand their workout library, create some specific workouts tailored to technique, as well as increase the number of live workouts they have since these wouldn’t be dependent on weather and other factors. With Peloton expected to introduce their rower sometime in 2020, this will allow Hydrow to grow their studio library before they have direct competition with Peloton.

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